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Why Donate?

Dear User,

I hope that you've found helpful in your interest to watch and learn languages via subtitled movies.

We've been around since November 2015. Since that time's usership and traffic have both grown enormously, and they continue to do so. You, the users, have made this a fun and interesting place. Thank you!

You know, I bet you haven't seen a single commercial advertisement on this site. There's a good reason for that: there aren't any! is free and it's my intention to keep it that way. I don't run the site for profit. The site is funded entirely by donations from the usership. These donations pay for the site's maintenance, domain name fees and hosting costs. Donations have paid for all of our expenses: the look of the site and our developers.

So as you can see, all of this is possible because of your donations. So, why donate? You should donate if you want the site to be free of advertisements. You should donate for the better maintenance of the website. You should donate if you found information that helped you to learn a new language. You should donate so that our website holds a vast repository of subtitles. You should donate if you've benefited from this site and you have the financial means to spare a few Euros/Dollars/Rupees.

-Jeromee Karam,
Founder of


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